Volunfair 2024: The Volunteer Fair in Madrid

We told you some of our participation in Volunfair Madrid, one of the most important volunteer fairs in Spain. This event brings together various organizations, volunteers and people interested in contributing to social and environmental well-being. The fair is an ideal platform to learn more about the impact of volunteerism and discover new opportunities to make the difference.

What is Volunfair Madrid?

Volunfair is an annual fair that is held in Madrid with the aim of promoting volunteerism and facilitating the connection between organizations and people interested in engaging in voluntary activities. At this event, attendees can:

  • Meet various NGOs and volunteer projects.
  • Participate in workshops and lectures on topics related to volunteerism and social action.
  • Explore opportunities to engage in initiatives that contribute to sustainable development and social responsibility.

Onnit Participation in Volunfair

Onnit team attended Volunfair Madrid to present our platform and connect with other organizations and volunteers. During the fair, we had the opportunity to:

  • Show our Digital Tools: We present how Onnit can help organizations digitize their volunteer management processes, improve efficiency and measure the social impact of their actions.
  • Connect with Volunteers: We talked with many passionate volunteers about how Onnit can facilitate their participation in volunteer projects and activities.
  • Exchange Ideas: We participated in workshops and talks, where we shared and learned from the experiences of other organizations and volunteers.

Look at our Volunfair Video

To offer a more comprehensive view of our Volunfair Madrid experience, we have created a video that captures the highlights of the event. In the video, you will see interviews with different volunteers and representatives of organizations, who share their perspectives on the importance of volunteerism.

Register today at Onnit and start transforming your volunteer activities. Together, we can build a more sustainable and equitable future.

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