"In the near future, success will be measured by the number of people you helped."

InONNITWe are proud to be a community committed to social responsibility and the promotion of sustainable change.
We believe that collaboration between people and organizations achieves a positive impact on our society.
We focus on facilitating those we consider to be key players in the current challenges and processes of change:


Our goal is to be the social reference community and to help people discover a wide variety of social and volunteer activities in order to promote social contribution.


We provide a special space on our platform for social organizations that propose sustainable activities and seek to generate a positive impact to organize their actions and find strategic alliances.

Educational institutions

We are committed to building partnerships with educational institutions, helping them to improve their reputation, measure their social impact through the SDGs and promote sustainability-oriented education that values the personal development of students.


We recognize the key role of companies in the economy and society at large. Therefore, we offer tools for companies to measure their social impact and find ways to contribute to sustainable change.

Our platform has as the ultimate objective of all the processes provided, the measurement of the social contribution and the development of the social curriculum of our users.Through it, you can discover a wide variety of social and volunteer activities proposed by various organizations.You also have the opportunity to propose your own activities, manage and measure your social impact using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Enrico Pegoraro

Business Development
and Internationalization

Josep Riera


Alejandro Roveda

Direct Design and

Rafael Coomonte

Executive Director and


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