Susy Inés Bello Knoll: A Bet for Sustainability

Onnit has been a transformative platform for many professionals and organizations. The case of success Susy Bello is a clear example of how Onnit can enhance the impact of social initiatives.

Transforming Ideas in Realities

Susy Bello Knoll, a project evaluator at the University Austral and PhD in Law by the University of Salamanca, has highlighted for his leadership in social responsibility and sustainability. Susy, has used Onnit to boost his projects and highlights how the platform has allowed him to connect with a wide network of change agents and get the AICI Jane Segerstrom Award. A great achievement that Onnit has managed to support and make a part of.

Keys of Susy Bello Success

  1. Community connection: Onnit facilitates the creation of solid networks between people and organizations committed to social change.
  2. Support and collaboration: Thanks to the active community of Onnit, Susy has received support for its projects, increasing its scope and impact.
  3. Visibility and Recognition: The platform has provided Susy with greater visibility, allowing him to share his achievements and experiences with a wider audience.

Impact on the Community

The success of Susy Bello with Onnit demonstrates how the platform can be a powerful tool for those seeking to generate positive change. Susy has accomplished:

  • Expand your Contact Network: Connect with other leaders and organizations.
  • Increase Support for Your Initiatives: Receive support to carry out your projects.
  • Share and Learn: Exchange experiences and knowledge with other users.


The story of Susy Bello emphasizes the value of Onnit as a platform that facilitates collaboration and support in the field of social responsibility. If you are looking to boost your projects and connect with a committed community, Onnit is the ideal tool for you.

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