Interbrand and Onnit: Corporate Volunteering

In the current business world, corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become a fundamental pillar for many organizations. Today, we explore how Interbrand, global leader in brand management, is strengthening its corporate volunteer efforts with the help of, an innovative digital platform.

Interbrand Commitment to Corporate Volunteering

Interbrand is a company recognized not only for its branding leadership, but also for its firm commitment to social responsibility. Interbrand employees are actively involved in a variety of volunteer initiatives that address critical issues such as education, support for vulnerable communities and the environment.

Challenges in Volunteer Coordination

Despite his dedication, Interbrand faced challenges in organizing and coordinating volunteer activities. With an extensive and diverse team, it was complicated to ensure that all employees could find and participate in activities that fit their interests and availability.

Onnit: The Solution for Corporate Volunteering

This is where Onnit becomes an essential ally. Our platform is designed to simplify and enhance corporate volunteer management, allowing companies like Interbrand to maximize their social impact. Then we explain how Onnit is transforming volunteerism into Interbrand:

  • Exploring Volunteer Opportunities: Onnit facilitates the search for volunteer activities adapted to the interests and skills of each employee.
  • Simplified participation: The platform allows employees to register and participate in activities quickly and easily, removing common barriers that complicate participation.
  • Measurement of the Social Impact: Onnit offers advanced tools to measure the impact of volunteer activities, providing valuable data on how individual and collective contributions are generating positive changes.

Interbrand Testimony on Onnit

Onnit spoke with Carolina Iglesias Domingo, Senior Talent Manager at Interbrand who told us about the new challenges and perspectives of the company in the face of volunteerism and corporate social responsibility in general. Carolina said: "Having a platform, a system, in which all employees see participation and different initiatives. I think it can help us a lot to manage, both internally and engagement and to commit ourselves...»

Benefits of Corporate Volunteering with Onnit

Adopting a platform like Onnit offers many benefits for both companies and employees. In addition to simplifying coordination, Onnit:

  • Encourages active participation: Facilitates more employees to engage in volunteer activities, increasing participation and commitment.
  • Strengthens Corporate Culture: It promotes a positive organizational culture, where employees feel proud to work in a company that values social impact.
  • Generates Valid Data: It provides crucial information on the impact of CSR initiatives, helping companies improve and adapt their strategies.


Interbrand-Onnit collaboration is an outstanding example of how companies can use technology to enhance their corporate social responsibility efforts. By adopting Onnit, Interbrand has not only improved the coordination of its volunteerism, but also increased its positive impact on society.

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